Your local beer supplier

We have been serving the area since 2011 as a local, family-owned business dedicated to stocking the widest alcohol selection.

Beer is made from grain that is converted to sugar and fermented with yeast in the brewing process. And we provide all types of beers like Ale, Lager, Malt, Stout etc. Pour yourself  and get comfortable drink because there’s a whole lot of great stuff in beers. We serve different styles of beers like Amber, Blonde, brown, cream, dark, pale, strong, wheat, Red, Lime, Pilsner, Golden, Fruit, Honey etc.


Our selection

• Imported including Heineken

• Domestic such as Budweiser

• Amstel and other light beers

• Cases and half case discounts

• Kegs in stock

• Gluten Free Beer

• Oraganic Beers

• Craft Beers

Additional offerings

Just like our impressive selection of domestic and imported beers, the Bottle Shop of Unionville has shelves filled with all types of wines and liquors for you to browse and enjoy.

You are welcome to visit our store, or find out more about our wine and liquor selection.